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Good morning, Saturday! I understand that there is a lot of fear and anxiety running through the veins of our nation and world - in particular, due to the election results of our next United States president. I thought, for that very reason, I'd like to create this post.


I am the type of person who cannot handle stress or fear very well (emotionally, mentally and physically). It's not that I'm in denial, it just doesn't make me feel good (duh). And I (try) to choose to be positive, an optimist, and look on the bright side of things. I don't like the way I feel when I'm drowning in fear, and learning from past feelings of despair and depression, I KNOW that I would rather walk on the brighter side of things. I KNOW how easy it is to fall into suffering, despair and depression, and what's worse - how easy it is to stay there and dig a deeper, darker hole for yourself. I also know that a quick path to get to those darker emotions is the path of fear. It's like a dangling carrot in front of your starving face. The media does a great job at instilling fear in the minds of people, and it's one of the very reasons why I actually prefer not to watch the news. 

I'm also the type of person who tries to see the bigger picture. I know that there are good and bad things happening in the world. My ever-expanding spirituality influences me, but so does my many years of studying many types of religions in college (I was so fascinated with it in college, that I was just shy of minoring in Religion). No, I'm not saying that any of this has anything to do with religion nor am I even religious - I'm just merely stating that the process of studying different types of religions and view points helped to open my mind to see a much bigger perspective. I was never one to take a side, but am open-minded to many view points. Most recently, I have finally resonated with the idea of seeing things from an outside perspective and it is coming natural to me more and more. I finally understand the concept of attachment and non-attachment. Duh, it's hard not to be attached to anything (we are human!), but I now understand how attachment leads to suffering.

In terms of the outcome of the election, when you look at it from an outside perspective: it happened. These are the cards that we have been dealt. Believe me, I understand where people who are angry are coming from. I understand. But hate and anger doesn't solve anything. You can't fight hate with hate. And to be honest, I choose love over anger. I don't want to hold on to those negative feelings. Yes, we don't know what the next 4 years is going to look like, but I can only hope for the best. I choose for my direct environment - what I can control - to be filled with love and compassion.

Of course, it is always important to fight for what you believe in and what is right - this is what moves us forward and advances us in so many ways. At the same time, I see so many ways that this (crazy) election has opened the eyes of so many people who were once asleep. So many people got up off their couches, went outside, looked around and said "this is not right" and even better: people yearned for something better. People are waking up. People are waking up to the injustices and inequality in our society, in our government, and in our world - and not only demanding something be done about it, but being the ones to start the change. We have to move forward and have faith in the bigger picture and in our individual selves. Taking a side (whether democrat, republican, liberal, etc.) divides us even more, when we should be coming together. What I see from an outside perspective are the roles everyone is playing, roles that need to be played in order for something bigger and greater to come together.

...Birth pains.

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Vibes | 11:11 + Supermoon


I'm writing this post because today is 11/11. Numbers carry energy, frequency and vibration. They are ways the Universe speaks to you, and are, essentially, building blocks of this Universe. What perfect timing following this exhausting election! 11 is one of the most powerful numbers. It is a "master" number. It is the number that I personally see all the time. I always catch the clock at 11:11 or 11:01 or forth. 11:11 is a gateway to higher consciousness, awareness and awakening. When you see these numbers often, it is a reminder for you to be aware of your thoughts - what you are thinking is what you are manifesting, so it is a reminder for you to align your thoughts with your intentions.

November 11 is a powerful day for you. Strong energy is being manifested at 11:11 on November 11, so be sure to take the time (am/pm) to sit, be still, and visualize what you want for not only yourself, but for the world and our nation. Think of the positive ways you want our world to transform into, and these thoughts and energies will be magnified!


Following shortly after is the biggest and brightest Supermoon that we've seen in 60 years (since 1948!)!! You better believe the strong and powerful energies it will bring! So take that time to continue thinking abundantly and positively. This particular Supermoon falls in line with Taurus, which bring energies and feelings of one's self worth and emotional security. It could possibly bring awareness to your fears. But it's okay - acknowledge them and let them go.

Focus on the positive:

Sit quietly with a candle and/or incense burning. Here are a few list ideas to write down and contemplate over:

  • What do you love about yourself at this particular moment in time?
  • What limits are holding you back? And in what ways can you overcome them?
  • What are some things that excite you and fill you with joy?
  • What and who are you thankful for?
  • What are your goals and/or desires for the next year?

Re-read your list out loud, fold it up, and tuck it away.

If you are still stuck in a rut from this emotional election and can't quite muster up anything positive, it's okay! Let's take it from a different standpoint:

Sit quietly with a candle and/or incense burning. Here are a few list ideas to write down and contemplate over:

  • What are your fears and anxieties?
  • What limits are holding you back?
  • What are your frustrations right now?

Now, take these list(s), contemplate them, and then tear the lists up in tiny little pieces (or carefully burn them - but take caution!). Take a deep breath in and with a deep breath out, release those fears, anxieties, limitations and frustrations.
Then, write a new list (even if it just consists of 3 things!) of what you are thankful for, and what is good in your life (I know you can do this!)
Re-read your (positive) list out loud, fold it up, and tuck it away.

Need more inspiration? Watch this!

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2017 Printable Calendar + Tea Towel / Free download!

Seriously though, where did 2016 go?!?

It's that time of year again - Audrey (This Little Street) and I have created 2017's FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR for you to download! This year, however, we're also super excited to introduce a fun and practical tea towel that we created together and is for sale over on Roostery!

The theme of 2017's Calendar is "Take the Road Less Traveled". Our cotton/linen blend tea towel is a great daily reminder that a year really isn't a long time - so take the time to be present, make the most out of your days, have adventures, stop and smell the wildflowers, soak in that sunshine or moonshine, wander, get lost, take the scenic route, and do what excites you! Take the road less traveled - the road that makes you happy and euphoric about life - a road you take not because you have to but because you want to! Plus, this tea towel is preeeetty useful in the kitchen, or super pretty on your wall as a wall hanging!

We do hope you enjoy the rest of 2016 (our 2016 free printable calendar is still up if you need to download November and December!). We are so looking forward to the new year. 2017 is going to be the best year ever!

Continue below to download the Free 2017 Printable Calendar and visit Roostery to find our "Road Less Traveled" 2017 Tea Towel (makes a great holiday gift, don't you think?! wink wink)

Print on 8.5 x 11" paper.




Please keep in mind that the download links are of higher resolution for better and clearer printing. This means it may take just a little longer to download (but well worth the wait!). Please be patient!

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2017 Calendar created and copyrighted by Audrey of This Little Street (artwork) and Jessica Keala (calligraphy/layout). For personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to sell these Calendars in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in its original or in an altered form. Please link back to original post if you want to share – do not link directly to the file. Thank you!

All photos taken and copyrighted by Audrey of This Little Street.

2017 Calendar Tea Towel | Spoonflower

As promised from my last post, I'm baaaaack! I surely did not anticipate my absence to be so long, but I can't lie: it felt really, really good. A few things that happened: got some much needed rest, focused on my online shop, looked for a new apartment, moved into a new apartment, did lots of shopping for things to fill new apartment (still continuing), spent time outdoors enjoying the summer, and just lived life (without having to worry about social media and blog posts) that's where I've been the past few months. What have you been up to?!

Audrey and I also went back to work creating 2017's free printable calendar (stay tuned!) for you! And even more exciting news: Audrey and I entered Spoonflower's "2017 Tea Towel Calendar" Design Challenge and here's the design! Now we need YOUR HELP! Vote for our tea towel design (and any other favorite - vote for as many or as few as you wish!) on Spoonflower and help us to be one of the winners of this challenge! There are SO many great designs (you may have to scroll a bit through the 208 great entries to find ours), but we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed!!!

Thanks so much for your help!!! And stay tuned...we know you've been waiting! We'll be launching our 2017 FREE printable calendar sometime in the next week or so!


BRB | New things ahead

Yeah, I know I'm not really a "regular" blogger, but hey, I try my best at getting a post out once a week...or two! Anyhoo, just thought I'd send a quick post to let you all know that I'll be taking a small bit of a break in July! I'm working on some exciting things that I can't wait to share with you! Yes, I'm working long and hard to finally get my shop open! My first step is nearly done: as you can see, I made the decision to change my blog name, Coco & Mingo, to my name Jessica Keala. Although I love blog work and will continue doing it, I really want my blog to begin to focus on my work and upcoming shop. I won't lie, I'm a little (a lot) sad to let go of the name Coco & Mingo. It has been with me for the past 3 years and helped me to establish friendships with other blogger and business friends. It also has ties to my 2 sweet bunnies who changed my life. However, I think it's time to grow and expand into something greater, and I will always be thankful to my seedings and roots of Coco & Mingo. Who knows, maybe I'll take that name elsewhere...

In the meantime, while my blog is taking a cat nap, I'll still be around Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (@JessicaKeala) (...and more like, trying to figure out how Snapchat works...)

And on a completely other note, I've been kinda obsessed with a Netflix show, Grace and Frankie (I watch marathons of it while doing work!) Have you seen it yet? It's been such a pleasant and refreshing surprise of a TV show and I am completely in love with it! It approaches aging (especially as a woman) in a new and beautiful and empowering and inspiring way! Plus, I literally LOL during every episode. And not to mention, I find myself relating to Frankie in freakishly large amount of ways and swear she's one half of my 70 year-old self. Go watch it!

brb...I'll see you on the flip side!

Free desktop and phone wallpaper | July happy tech

Ah, hello, July!! I'm in a pretty good mood because as this post goes out, I'm strictly in vacay-mode (again). I LOVE vacation (yeah, well who doesn't). I'll be in Burlington, Vermont for a long July 4th weekend, enjoying small town life, biking trips, and everything that involves relaxing. I'll try to be better at keeping up with my travels on Snapchat (@JessicaKeala), Facebook and Instagram!

In reflection of June, I can come up with one word: Refresh. June was a refreshing month for me. I was home in Hawaii for almost 3 weeks and it was much needed time for the rejuvenation of my spirit and soul. I'm so busy in city life, that I often long and yearn for real grounding connection to the Earth that you just can't get in New York City. In Hawaii, I was able to dig my feet in the sand, walk barefoot in our garden, expose as much skin as I could to the sun's vitamins, absorb rain water from the rain forests, spend time in the ocean bathing in its negative ions, and recharge with friends and family. By the way, all these are fantastic ways of grounding yourself and connecting to Mother Earth.

Happy 4th of July, America!! Despite everything that has been going on, I will always have faith in you.

What was your reflection of June?

Continue below to download July's cheerful wallpaper for all your tech stuff!




1280X1024 SCREEN

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