Jessica Keala

Activities That You Should Avoid Before Getting a Massage

If you’ve been moaning of body groans, aches, and pain, getting a massage seems like the only way out for relief and relaxation. After thorough research on the internet, you have finally decided to give in to your sore body and go to a massage therapist in your local area. We all know that you can’t wait to come back home from your massage therapy with improved breathing, flexibility, and reduced stress.

However, before you march to the said clinic for your intended massage, we have a list of 3 activities that you should avoid.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Instead of heading to the massage clinic in your tipsy demeanour, try to drink water if you feel dehydrated and anxious. It is advised that your body is not only hydrated, but free of all the amplified toxins from drinking alcohol as well. The massage will help to get rid of stress-inducing factors in your body, and that includes moving toxins for regulation and eradication as well.

Don’t Go For a Massage If You’re Feeling Ill

If you think that your massage will help to detoxify your body of your cold germs, then let us tell you that you’re wrong. If you get a massage during illness, then your infection might become contagious and spread to other parts of your body.

Cancel your appointment at least a day prior or ask for an emergency reschedule because of your illness. Therapists like Gian Franco of will not only understand, but will immediately reschedule to help you relax, detoxify, and unwind.

Don’t Take a Hot Shower

We all know that you don’t want to reek of perspiration before getting a massage. While taking a shower with lukewarm or cold water a few hours before the massage therapy is vigorously advised, bathing with hot water is not. You are liable to sweat on the massage table when exposed to pressure or oils due to increased circulation, thanks to the hot shower.