Jessica Keala

Alternative Options For Settlements Outside of Court Proceedings

A Miami personal injury lawyer that wants to take your personal injury case to court might want to get you a better settlement but they also might want more highly valuable billable hours as well. Court proceedings take a really long time to get done with, and while you might get a slightly higher settlement this doesn’t mean that it would be worth the amount of time you ended up spending going to court and coming back all while you were forced to not go to your job so that you can fulfill these responsibilities.

Now, just because of the fact that you aren’t going to court doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate the settlement that you are receiving. The person you are suing for personal injury would probably also not want to go to court because of the fact that it would be more expensive for them and the higher settlement amount would lead to them no longer being able to sustain the lifestyle that they have ended up getting used to over the past few years during which they might have been financially stable which they are not going to be anymore.

Hence, you can negotiate in private. Take your lawyer and meet the person you are suing with your own lawyer and hash it out. Usually your legal representatives can take over for you, but you can also obviously contribute to this in some way. Most of the time this kind of representation is all you need to get a good settlement. Sometimes a smaller compensation package is all you need, and if you get it without the hassle of going to the court and coming back then that’s even better.