Jessica Keala

Can I Run My AC on Solar Power?

Using an AC in your house allows you to live in a temperature controlled and comfortable environment no matter how harsh the weather might be outdoors. However, air conditioners use lots of electricity to operate, and this causes your energy bills to increase significantly.

Since ACs are some of the most power hungry appliances in a house, lots of homeowners are actually thinking about converting to solar energy to avoid paying high taxes and tariffs on their electricity bills; which keep getting higher with every passing year.

Let’s see how you can run your AC on solar power. You can also visit for valuable information on this topic.

Inverter ACs on Solar Power

You can definitely run air conditioners on solar power, if your solar setup is powerful enough to bear the load. If you have a solar setup in your house, you’ll need to invest in a DC inverter AC, as they are very energy efficient as compared to non-inverter ACs.

Your ÁC needs lots of power to keep its compressor running, and to keep your house cool. Usually, you’ll need a 2-3 kW solar setup to run an AC big enough to cool a 1500 square foot house. However, for mini ductless split ACs, you can do fine with a 2 kW system per tonne of cooling capacity.

Cost of The Solar Setup

The cost of installing a solar setup powerful enough to run your air conditioners can definitely be calculated by counting the cost of panels, batteries, and inverter in the whole setup.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for solar setup installation is by getting in touch with a professional solar installation company, and having their experts survey your property for an accurate quote.