Jessica Keala

Characteristic Qualities That Every Dad Should Have

Parenting doesn’t really have any science to it, and nor are you born with the traits and attributes of becoming the perfect historic parents in the world. Being a Dad is perhaps not as easy as Mark Wahlberg lets us to believe by portraying Pete in ‘The Instant Family’. From providing undying affection to building a wall for security and utmost trust, being a dad requires sacrifice, attention, and caliber of understanding.

How does Barack Obama, on account of being a President Dad, manage affairs at The Washington House, and at the same time, his domestic household? If he can do it, so can you – and no, your strenuous work hours is not an excuse to get out of your duties as a father to your children. Mentioned below are the main characteristic qualities that every father should have.

Utterly Protective And Trustworthy

While fathers tend to overdo protection and security by taking away the basic rights of their children, the real key is to build a wall of trust in a friendly tone. Most children start fearing their fathers from a very early age, primarily due to their harsh undertones and steps taken for exercising discipline at their household. Your child wants you to be protective of them, but not possessive. They want you to be here for them at all times – and the least you can do is listen so that you can bridge the yearly gap you both have.

Respects And Loves Their Spouse

As a father, you are responsible for instilling the basic attributes of affection and love into your child. Your child will start grasping whatever behavior you and your spouse engage in. Instead of resorting to arguments with each other, try to practice what you’d with your child in anger. Learn how to regulate your emotions before indulging in your patriarchal mindset and domestic violence. Your child will grow up with a traumatic mindset and might start behaving the same with his friends at school.