Jessica Keala

Choosing Images For Your Blog Post

Picking photos for your blog content is never an easy task. The image on top or in the middle of your post sets the mood of the readers, and it can literally be the difference between a good and a bad blog post. Visually appealing images can attract more readers towards your blog posts.

Here are a few tips on how you can actually find a good image for your blog post.

Choose Everything Bright

Unfamiliar shapes, and other types of bright things have always fascinated and attracted us humans. So, the photo you choose to use in the blog post should have its main focus in bright colors. This will make your blog post to stand out by helping you in attracting more people towards it. The photos that you use to explain different things should be crisp and clear. Once the good photo has attracted enough people, now it on the quality of your content to retain them.

Pair The Writing With Photos

Although most of the writers first finish the blog post and then move towards choosing a good photo, you can do the opposite to make your content more interactive. Choose some photos first, and write in such a way that both the images and the content complement each other. For example, you can use images with specific titles and explain them in a paragraph. This is a great way of incorporating the photos in your content.

Create And Use Your Own Photos

Many bloggers use stock imagery with their blog posts, that is because they find it easily and can use it without any fears. On the other hand, you can try taking your very own pictures and add them to your blog posts to customize your blog. However, if you’re keen on using stock photos, you can consult the guide how to choose the best stock photos by Mike.