Jessica Keala

Determining The Best Size of Air Compressor For DIY Car Paint Job

Air compressors are used to provide compressed air for certain tasks in different industries. However, in the automotive industry, air compressors are usually utilized to paint cars. A nozzle is used to deliver paint with the help of highly pressurized air. Very fine particles of car paint then settle on the car surface and dry to provide you with a good looking finish.

In order to paint your car with the help of an air compressor, you will first need to invest into the right air compressor. In this article, we will help you determine the best size of air compressor for your DIY car paint job. You can also explore this reviews article for more details.

Choose The Right Tank Size

Tank size of the air compressor matters a lot when you are doing paint jobs on a daily basis. For example, smaller tanks need to be refilled several times in paint jobs including whole vehicles. On the other hand, tanks with 60 gallons capacity are enough to help you go through the whole painting process without requiring a single refill.

When you use smaller tanks to paint whole vehicles, they need to be refilled several times, and that can introduce variance in different coats. So, always use the proper tank size depending on the scope of your paint job.

Look For The Right CFM

CFM is the quantity of air and paint a specific air compressor can deliver in order to apply the paint on the car surface. If you want your paint job to be awesome and smooth, always look for air compressors with high CFM rating. You should use air compressors with a CFM rating of 20 or higher for car paint jobs.

When it comes to psi rating, you should choose an air compressor with at least 15 psi.