Jessica Keala

Different Ways of Helping a Baby Sit Up

Babies learn motor skills really fast. There is a time when your baby isn’t able to even move freely, and then comes a time when they start attempting to sit up own their own. While the learning process is automatic, you can also help your baby in this process by preparing his body for this change.

How Babies Learn Sitting Up Over Time

At 3-4 months of age, you baby has all the muscles, but these muscles are still learning to work in the proper wat to support the baby. Babies start lifting up their neck, and also starting moving their elbows when they’re on their belly. These small movements gradually make their muscles strong enough to bear their own weight.

At 5-6 months of age, babies have developed enough muscle strength to help themselves in sitting up on their own. Initially, the baby is only able to hold his sitting position for a short period of time. Babies even learn to make tripod (leaning forward and putting their hands on the ground) to get enough support to keep their body up.

At 7-9 months of age, babies are fully trained to sit up on their own for a long period of time. This is the time when you can place them on a high chair in order to feed them. A nine months old baby is strong enough to get himself in the sitting position from the laying down position all on his own, without needing any support.

1 year old baby learns everything about sitting up and perfect this milestone. You can also search how to help baby learn to sit up on the internet to find more articles and guides. You can also add your help to the equation to speed up the process a bit.