Jessica Keala

Do I Have to Pay For Carpet Cleaning When I Move Out?

Renting an apartment might not be your dream come true, but it can be a reasonable way to keep yourself off of the streets while you save up for a home that you would buy outright. The thing about renting is that your landlords can sometimes hold an inordinate amount of power over you. While tenants have just as many rights as landlords, the latter party often tries to make it seem like they have no way to resist them and that makes tenants assume that they need to do whatever they are told.

Chances are that your landlord has asked you to pay for rug cleaning before you move out of your apartment, but you should know that you are not liable to pay for this. The reason behind this is that the landlord can only deduct payments for things like unusual damage, and a dirty rug does not come under that classification. If you try to resist, your landlord might threaten to deduct the charges from your security deposit.

If they attempt to do such a thing, they will be breaking the law. They cannot deduct such charges from security deposits because the sole purpose of that deposit is to pay for damages not regular cleaning which the landlord is responsible for. Not having to pay for carpet cleaning can make it easier for you to move out than might have been the case otherwise, since you would save time as well as money. Renters need to learn what their rights are so that they can defend them and dismantle some of the monopolies that landlords are so desperately trying to preserve.