Jessica Keala

Effect of Testosterone Supplements on Your Sex Drive

Many men feel a decrease in their sex drive as they age. In our body, there is a hormone called testosterone which controls our sex desire, bone density and spread production. The production of this hormone peaks out at about 30 years of age.

After a decline in testosterone production in the body, men aren’t able to perform well in sex, or they might not feel the urge to have sex at all. This issue can cause to depression, and can affect the intimate relationship of a couple. That is why many men are seen looking for a remedy to this problem.

Taking Testosterone Supplements

Many believe that testosterone supplements and the therapy can help treat the low testosterone problem in men. This method is used when your body isn’t able to produce enough testosterone on its own. However, it is still unclear whether this therapy can help increase testosterone or not.

Many studies even deduce that there is no reason to prescribed testosterone therapy to men over 65 years of age, as its normal to have slightly lower testosterone than normal in this age.

Risks of This Therapy

While there are certain natural ways of increasing the teetering level öka testosteron kosttillskott naturligt, the artificial ways include their own risks. Some even say that testosterone supplements might create more problems then they solve. There are some studies that even say testosterone can cause heart problems. This problem was especially seen in men over the age of 65.

A study on rats even proven that it can increase the progression of prostate tumors in rats.

These were all the benefits and drawbacks of treating yourself with testosterone supplements. You can weigh both benefits and risks before starting the intake of testosterone supplement.