Jessica Keala

Everything About Electric Central Heating 

This might be the most debated household topic when you are thinking about installing a new heating system in your house; however, this decision of yours should completely depend upon where do you live and what are your preferences.

If your place doesn’t have a connection with gas, you can use electricity as a medium to heat your home. As electricity is readily available in nearly every household, it is the most convenient way as well.

Keep reading to know more about what actually is central electric heating, and is it the best option available?

What is Electric Central Heating?

It is a centralized heating method to provide heat to various rooms or zones. The central heater serves as the main hub while the heat is radiated through a series of ducts.

While central electric heating, in particular, refers to using electric radiators and heaters as the central heater in order to distribute heat throughout the building.

Which Heaters to Use?

The most common electric central heating medium is Storage Heaters. They use the cheaper electricity at night to heat the bricks inside it, and in the day time, it radiates the heat throughout.

However, technology has evolved a lot since the invention of the storage heaters. There are many smart storage heaters and radiators available for central heating.

New-age storage heaters now come with programmable timers, thermostats, WiFi controls, and fans. Finding such heaters isn’t a big deal now, electric central heating Glasgow now provides the best modern electric heaters.

Is Electric Central Heating The Best Option?

  • The installation of electric central heating system is easier on the wallet than any other systems
  • Almost everyone has access to electricity, so it makes the central electric heating as the most convenient option
  • Electric heaters come with little to no maintenance unlike the gas heaters that require regular checks.