Jessica Keala

Genes And Weight

Our genes are responsible for a lot more than our physical features. Our genes can be responsible for different medical and psychological problems, different patterns of behavior, and our height and so on. So, if both your parents, for instance, have high blood pressure, then you are genetically prone to developing hypertension as well. If you happen to be short and live in a family where everyone is either below average or average height at best, then your height is most likely to be short as well. This is how genetics influences our life, and interestingly, our weight too.

Some people have fast metabolisms from the start and are able to eat whatever they want without having to restrain themselves, not have to ever exercise and still stay underweight. Then there are people who are prone to gaining weight and have trouble losing weight regardless of how strict their diet or rigorous their exercise routine might be. In this regard, genetics plays an important role. So, if you happen to be someone that has been struggling to lose weight for a long time, then you can get genetic testing done and see whether your genes are contributing to your weight struggle.

In case you are genetically prone to gain more weight, it will help you immensely to bring medical professionals in the loop. Having a good fitness doctor, and a nutritionist working side by side with you will help you with your problem because they can, based on your genes, devise a nutrition and workout plan that will allow you to lose weight more easily. Of course there might not be drastic results, but it will still be better than having absolutely no results, becoming very demotivated and then quitting entirely. So, there are steps you can take to overcome your problem.