Jessica Keala

Hoverboard Maintenance Tips

Hoverboards are one of the coolest inventions of the modern times, and people really like riding them just for the sake of fun. However, buying a hoverboard, depending on the model you get, can be a reasonable investment, and you don’t want your expensive hoverboard to wear out and stop functioning before the intended age. So, here are some of the best maintenance tips you can follow to properly maintain your hoverboard in the long term, no matter whether you’ve got a cheap version, or the swagtron hoverboard that only the pros and enthusiasts use.

Keep The Wheels Clean

Almost all of the hoverboards have their motors embedded in the wheels. That is why keeping the wheels of your hoverboard clean and away from any type of dust and debris is absolutely important. Most of the times, things like hair and small pieces of rope or thread get stuck in the wheels and they can cause the wheel to stop functioning without any prior warning, so, you can use a brush or something like that which can reach the middle of the wheel and try to remove the accumulated things as soon as your detect them gathered there. The debris, if not removed, can reach a point where it’ll block the sensors of your hoverboard, you’ll loose the control of the board and fall down.

So, maintain the tries as they are the most abused part of your hoverboard.

Don’t Let The Battery Completely Die

Remember that it is always cheaper to properly maintain your hoverboard as compared to running into an unexpected error and paying a fortune to get it repaired later on. One of the main components of the hoverboard is its battery, you can’t use the self balancing scooter without battery. That is why taking care if the battery can directly impact the total lifespan of your hoverboard. When going out on your hoverboard, make sure that the battery is fully charged. If not, then first charge it fully and then proceed with your plans. Most of the hoverboard batteries take 1 to 2 hours to get fully charged, so, you should never skip this step.

Never let the battery of your hoverboard fully drain. Because a dead battery is very harmful for the wellbeing of your hoverboard. Clean the battery from time to time in order to keep it away from any damage.

Keep an Eye on The Wiring

Like every other electrical appliance and vehicle, your hoverboard has lots of wires transferring the electricity between the battery and the motors to make sure that the hoverboard keeps running. That makes worse one of the most important parts of your hoverboard that you must keep an eye on and inspect at least once in every month to see if all the wires are in a good shape or not.

You can check the wires simply by first unplugging the hoverboard, and then opening it up to expose the wiring underneath. If anything looks not okay, you can contact an expert right away and get the issue fixed for the benefit of your board. This is the simplest way of avoiding hoverboard fires before they even happen.

Keep It Clean From The Outside Too

While it is good to keep things like wheels, motors, batteries and wires of your hoverboard clean, the exterior of your hoverboard also needs proper cleaning in order to keep working properly. So, you can use some sort of damp cloth to clean the exterior of your border to keep it shining in the long run. Unplug the board before cleaning it.