Jessica Keala

How to Capture Your Calligraphy Artwork Videos With a Smartphone

Digitizing your calligraphy work can help you expand your social media accounts and increase your fans. The algorithm of Instagram gives the videos higher number of suggestions when compared to that of picture posts, so it is evident that you need to learn how to capture videos of your calligraphic artwork. Videos provide a highly engaging medium for beginners to learn about your art techniques, and this way they would be able to get instant value from following your page. After all, we don’t want to scare away the new followers by posting complicated stuff that doesn’t add any eye-catching element to the post. It is very easy to get hypnotized by amazing time-lapse videos online, which provide a quick way of learning new skills for beginners. For some people, it might even be therapeutic to watch your calligraphy videos – which provide short tutorials to them in an interactive way. You don’t need to spend your money to purchase a fancy camera, because you can capture the entire video through your smartphone in a highly convenient manner. You don’t have to be a technical guru to make these videos, and you can follow the steps provided on this page to make mesmerizing videos of your artwork.

Utilize Diffused Natural Lighting Spots

Lighting plays a key role in bringing unique effects and visuals in the video, and can make or break the deal for you. Finding a well-lit space in the building would not only allow you to take perfect video sessions, but you would also be able to save up substantial amount of money – which you would have spent on artificial lighting. Utilizing daylight to your advantage would make things easy for you, as you would plan all your shoots to take place during daytime – which would in turn leave up ample amount of time for editing throughout the remaining part of the day.

Assemble a Stable Mini-Tripod

Stabilization plays a key role in producing a high quality video that remains in single position throughout the shoot, so that your viewers find it comfortable to stay focused on your calligraphy content without being distracted by sudden change of camera angles. Rather having to place your phone on a stacked pile of books, you would be able to capture all the details by utilizing a sturdy mini-tripod – which would be placed right above your artwork. Because of the fact that you would be recording your own material, so this leaves you with only one option: to purchase a high-quality tripod for smooth recording. You don’t want to end up with a tripod that shifts it positions after being in an upright position for several hours, this is the reason you should always run demo tests before finally recording your original work.

Record Your Videos

Depending upon your setup, you should always take a few trial attempts before engaging in your calligraphic content, because this would allow you to eliminate the chances of ruining an entire video. During your initial attempts, you might notice in the video that your head got in front of the artwork – that constantly blocked the view of the paper. Before finding out that your head or hand was in the way throughout the video recording, you should always run experimental trials to properly be aware about the angles and dimensions of your shot. Before jumping into something bigger, it is always better to be aware about the potential errors that could happen in the shooting session. Once you are done with recording, you should carefully edit all the shots, so that you can create perfect video clips.