Jessica Keala

How to Determine The Best Time For Window Replacement?

You might be planning to replace one or more of the windows in your house for some obvious reasons. But because of certain environmental constraints, this seemingly small task can become a headache if you fail to choose the right time to do it.

So, for those of you looking to determine the best time for window replacements, here are some of the best and worst times to get window replacements.

Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold

The best time of the year for window replacement will be in the spring or early summer when the weather is acceptable outside. There is an obvious reason to not get your windows replaced during the winter season. You’ll have to pump up your heating system when chilly air is coming inside your house, and this will translate into a higher energy bill as well.

Also, the ideal temperature to apply caulk is between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius. While silicone can be applied in colder weather, it’ll still need to be warmed in order to help it flow smoothly.

Getting Window Replacement in Fall or Winter

While fall and winter aren’t the best months to install windows, any emergency can force you to do so. Also, there are many benefits that a new window can provide you with in the fall and winter season.

One benefit of getting new windows installed in the winter and fall season is that you won’t have to wait for the contractor, as it’s their off season. Also, an expert window installer can definitely minimize the heat loss from your house during window installation. So, you shouldn’t keep yourself limited to only warmer months, and should hire a Florida replacement windows contractor even in the winter if you’re facing any issues/ emergencies.