Jessica Keala

How You Can Properly Clean Your CPAP Equipment

A dirty CPAP machine can literally cause respiratory issues in the person who uses it to fight sleep apnea. So, instead of helping you, a dirty CPAP machine can actually introduce more problems.

This is where good cleaning upkeep come. Keeping your CPAP machine away from dust and bacteria is very important for a safe experience. So, let’s discuss who you can properly clean your CPAP equipment.

Why is Cleaning So Important?

Your CPAP machine can become a safe haven for germs and disease causing bacteria. For example, if you’ve been through cold recently, your CPAP machine might actually have the germs still living inside it. So, you want to make sure that you kill those germs by properly disinfecting the CPAP apparatus.

While you can technically “Clean” the machine with soap and water, these things usually do a good job of cleaning the actual problem; germs. For this, you’ll have to use a good CPAP cleaner (read this sleep 8 review story on medium) and use it on a weekly basis to keep the CPAP machine clean. This also makes cleaning the thing much easier.

How Can You Properly Clean?

Do you know that many manufacturers suggest cleaning your CPAP equipment every time you use them, or at least once every week if you use it every day. But you should clean the machine daily if your sick, especially with a viral infection.

However, keep this in mind while cleaning your CPAP equipment.

  • Only used distilled water to clean the machine and any attached parts.
  • The filters used on these machines should be regularly, if they aren’t disposable ones, in which case they must be thrown away.
  • Do not put everything in the dishwasher until it’s dishwasher safe.
  • You should clean the CPAP equipment at least once every week.