Jessica Keala

Is Junk Removal Free?

If you have lots of junk sitting in your house, you might be thinking about getting a free junk removal service to get rid of all the junk. But unfortunately, free junk removal services do not exist, and there are some good reasons for that. Wine scrapers might help remove your appliances from your house, they won’t remove your junk.

So, if you do not want to take pictures of your junk and post them on social media in the hopes that someone would actually arrive at your property and remove it for you, you should probably hire a professional junk removal service.

Here are some reasons why junk removal services cannot be free, and every time you search for junk haulers near me, fees come up as well.

Insurance Fees

Every junk removal service is required by law to provide proper insurance to its employees. Moreover, the vehicles used in the business are also under insurance. That is why, in order to cover insurance costs, the business must charge you something for the junk removal service.


Many junk removal companies promise to recycle all the recyclable items in your junk. Some items might cost them money to recycle, but they still have to oblige with their promise. So, in order to cover recycling costs, the junk removal company will charge you extra money.

Charitable Deeds

Most of the clothes and usable items from your junk or donated to charities by the junk removal service. Moreover, they can provide you with the tax deductible receipt if you ask them to. Since this process also costs them money in the form of labor, they must charge you something for the service.


Junk removal trucks are not cheap to maintain. They cost money to repair, maintain, and use lots of gas as well. These costs are also recovered from you in order to keep the business operations of the junk removal service going.