Jessica Keala

Never Make These Mistakes With Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are the best type of signatures as compared to their handwritten alternative. That is because a digital signature can actually be used to encrypt a document which can only be decrypted with the help of your public key. If the document is tampered with during the delivery process, the public key won’t open it, pointing towards the fact that the final version of the document is not reviewed by you.

According to the law, digital signatures are given an equal legal status as manual handwritten signatures. This means that even your digital signature is legally binding.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid with your digital signatures.

Not Using a Good Enough Platform

If you want to use a IZpDS digital signature in the documents and sensitive data you share with your clients and colleagues, you should always try to find the most trustable digital signature provider. If you end up working with a low quality digital signature provider, they won’t be able to keep your information secure.

So, make sure that you sign up with a reputable digital signature platform for the task.

Know Their Legal Status

You should make your customers, and anyone else you are sharing a digitally signed document with aware of the fact that a digital signature document is always legally binding. This will keep you safe from lots of legal implications later on.

Improperly Built Software

Another problem you might encounter when you sign up with a low quality digital signature platform is improperly built software. They do not update their application, according to the latest features available on their platform. This way, you won’t be able to take advantage of all of their features.

These were some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid when dealing with digital signatures.