Jessica Keala

Pros And Cons of Zebra Blinds

People these days consider a lot of things when getting blinds installed in their house. Zebra blinds are a type of blinds used by lots of homeowners, however, you should know about their pros and cons before using them to avoid any mistakes.

For those who don’t know what zebra blinds look like, imagine venetian blinds, but with thicker slats and a transparent screen. This is exactly what a zebra blinds are.

Here are some of the pros and cons of zebra blinds.



Zebra blinds are the best looking blinds that you can get for the money spent on these. They have great aesthetician appeal which makes them better than old heavy curtains and boring blinds.


As compared to standard curtains, zebra blinds have lots of different functions and uses. Standard curtains can either be open or closed, meaning that you can either have maximum light, or no light at all. With zebra blinds, you can adjust them according to the light you need indoors.

Zero Hassle

Another great thing about zebra blinds is that they are super easy to install. This way, you save some money which you’d otherwise have to spend with other types of blinds or curtains.


Zebra Blinds Are Fragile

Zebra blinds are more prone to getting damaged as compared to other type of blinds. They look stunning authentically, but that comes at a price!

No Noise Reduction

When you’re using curtains, they tend to cancel most of the outside noise. This way, you can expect your indoors to be a bit quieter when curtains are drawn. However, you won’t enjoy the same feature in zebra blinds.

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