Jessica Keala

Should You Keep Underfloor Heating On All The Time?

There is a fair amount of misconceptions regarding the use and installation of underfloor heating systems and we are here to answer a couple of questions and clear up a few misconceptions as well, first of all if you are confused about the installation of underfloor heating system over an existing floor and you have read contrasting opinions then keep your concentration on what you are reading, heating systems are there to provide warmth and the new units are effectively built to be installed either underfloor or overfloor over existing concrete, there are a few important factors to consider and if these are taken care of then you will get a system which provides great comfort and there isn’t an issue if you want to a get a heating system over existing floor, in fact there are systems which are meant for vloerverwarming leggen in bestaande woning and are specifically designed for that.

Another confusion which is quite common among the users of such heating system is when to switch this system off, this entirely on how much time it takes for the system to heat up and start fulfilling its purpose, if the weather is really cold and it will take a couple of hours to heat and its winter time then it is foolish to completely turn it off but you can manage to turn it off in the summer months, underfloor heating systems are built to last and you can keep them on for longer durations without posing any threat to it, the new and efficient electric systems are more compatible to running for longer durations than some older water heated underfloor heating systems, the users have found issues with leaked pipes and malfunctioned pumps when left on for days.