Jessica Keala

The Most Common Dental Problems That Require Immediate Attention

While there may not be as many situations that can be considered a full on emergency when it comes down to your oral and dental health, there are still things you should be on the lookout for anyway. An oral or dental problem can come around quickly and quite unexpectedly so you will want to make sure that it has the correct care for it available too. When faced with one of these situations it would be best to go to a good emergency Fort Lauderdale dentist and get things immediately looked at and worked on. Much like a regular check up doctor does not work on medical emergencies, different dentists work on different things. A emergency specialist will have the tools and experience to make sure bad situations can be immediately contained and fixed rather than go through a long line of referrals.

Our first major dental emergency is something called an abscessed tooth. This is when a pus can start growing in the gaps or spaces inside of or in between teeth. This is a sign of a very bad infection that can be deadly if it is not given immediate care. The pus can grow to other parts of your mouth and can go from the jaw to your neck and then actually cause a lot of problems to your overall health. You will want to get it treated as soon as you first notice it.

Another major problem is a specific sort of chipped tooth. In most cases chipped teeth can be left to a regular dentist whenever you get an appointment. However when the chipped piece is stuck in your jaw or if the chip goes through the tooth then you will need immediate attention for it.