Jessica Keala

The Relationship Between Testosterone And Weight Loss

Testosterone deficiency once used to be a topic of discussion for people of ages 40 and up, but this is not longer the limit. The advancements in medical science has enabled us to look deeper into the different functions of hormones found inside our body. Testosterone has also been found to have a relationship with your fat and lean mass.

However, keep in mind that testosterone operates in different ways both in men and women, so, the advice for men might not work the same with women and vice versa.

Although testosterone does more than just controlling your fat and lean mass levels, this articles will focus only on the relationship between testosterone and weight loss.

The Relationship

A man with normal levels of testosterone in his body will surely see its benefits in “Fat” reduction, and not only in “weight” reduction. This hormone affects the fat loss in men over the age of 40, but men of any other age (above or below 40) can definitely benefit from this feature of testosterone.

Low levels of testosterone (testosteroni vaje) can cause many problems in men. For example, low levels of testosterone can become one of the reasons for obesity in men. Obesity cause problems like diabetes. This disease then decreases the insulin production, which reduces the testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels mean more fat storage in your body. So, you can clearly see that in can create a vicious cycle, which can be very dangerous for your body and overall health.

Testosterone And Dieting

Just like the problem with diabetes, most diets can also decrease the testosterone levels in your body. There are many factors at play here, for example; fat reduction and weight loss can decrease the testosterone level in your body. So, be careful when taking on diets, specially in your early puberty and short after your teenage.