Jessica Keala

Top Features of a Heavy Duty Bike Built For Big Guys

Slim, lightweight and sexy bikes are trending these days, but they aren’t one of the things built for the big, overweight guys, as smaller tires and substandard quality materials used in the frames of bikes these days won’t work for a heavy person.

Heavy duty bikes are especially made to convenience overweight and obese people in their daily rides. These bikes have well built wider tires, comfortable seat and a frame made out of the finest and the most durable material. These qualities make heavy duty bikes a better option for big guys. Here are some features that you’d look for in heavy duty big guys bikes before deciding to buy one.

What is The Frame Made Out Of?

When looking to buy a heavy duty bike, make sure the frame is made out of a sturdy material. Some of the top bike manufacturers utilize a lightweight and flexible alloy of steel that is used in the production of aircraft parts. A material of this strength and quality makes your bike lightweight, strong and flexible at the same time.

Strength of The Brakes

Brakes are an important part of the bicycle, a good quality brake can save your day by helping you stop immediately in an emergency.

Regular rubber pad brakes won’t work for a fat guy going at a good speed, so, look for the modern disc brakes in your heavy duty bike. Disc brakes can stop the bike immediately even if you’re going downhill at a rapid pace.

A Comfortable Seat

If you’re going to buy the bike to lose some weight, odds are that you’ll be riding it for many hours straight. So, make sure you buy a bike with sturdy, padded seat that won’t start wiggling after just a few rides.