Jessica Keala

Top TIG Welding Tips For Beginners

TIG welding is known for its flexibility and cleanliness as compared to some other types of welding techniques. Because this is a really complex process, welders find it hard to begin with. But with proper training and persistence, one can master this skill over time.

TIG welding can only be mastered with patience. This is the only official way of becoming a great welder.

There are many tips that can prove to be useful for the beginners. Here are some of those tips if you are interested in reading them. Consider them before investing in one of the top tig welders and starting your work.

Use Less Power When Welding

When you are just starting out with TIG welding, use the lowest power settings to ensure that you can easily control the puddle.

Low power settings matter a lot because TIG welding uses penetration to operate. This means if you use too much energy, it will make a hole in the material.

Keep Everything Clean

If the metal you are working with is clean, TIG welding will perform at it’s best. So, a clean metal is the only way to get good welds and a solid arc. If you work with multiple metals, you must have separate brushes for each one of them.

So, spend some time cleaning your metal before welding it, as it can drastically change the welding results.

Your Tungsten Must Be Right

Different metal surfaces might require you to use different tungsten. Aluminum works the best with green tungsten, and steel with red tungsten. As you keep mastering the TIG welding, you will find out more things about the properties of tungsten and how it works differently with different materials.

You can experiment with different types of tungsten and see how they work when you are learning.