Jessica Keala

Unhealthy Habits You Should Avoid as a Nurse

While nurses help provide health to other people, many healthcare professionals are usually found to be struggling with really bad habits. The debate is still not over on whether you should take a nurse as a healthcare role model or not, nurses should generally guide with example.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will tell you about some of the worst unhealthy habits nurses you really struggle with, and how you can avoid those habits.

Eating Everything

Since nurses always do hectic jobs, It is very common for them to rely on vending machines or fast food for quick munching in lunch breaks. This has led to many nurses being overweight.

Therefore, if you are a nurse, you should definitely pack your own food and take it to work. This way, you can eat healthy, and avoid getting overweight. Visit nethealth to find some healthy eating tips.


Smoking is one of the worst habits a human can adopt. Moreover, nurses witnessed the bad effects of smoking in their patients every day, so you might think that they stay miles away from smoking. But this is not true as some nurses are actually avid smokers.

The solution to this problem is using nicotine gum, patches or something else which gives the same sensation of smoking to your brain, but is not unhealthy for you at all.

Not Taking Care of Their Back

Since nurses keep sitting at work most of the time, they are at a higher risk of developing lower back pain and other spine related issues. Moreover, standing for hours on end can also put lots of stress on your spine.

So, invest in a good pair of shoes which will keep the stress of your spine even in long working shifts. Moreover, never try to move a heavy patient by yourself, and ask for help.