Jessica Keala

Using Free Internet Safely

2020 has proven that we are heavily reliant on our internet to make it through the day. We have all had to stay at home, and used the internet to attend classes, meetings, manage remote learning, and so on. While we are fortunate to have Wi-Fi at home and a data plan as well, there are some moments where we might need to rely on free internet or public Wi-Fi for whatever reason, and while this is a useful thing, it can be dangerous. If you are interested in safe and free internet access, you will be pleased to discover this article.

Public Wi-Fi is accessible and free to everyone, which sounds great in principle, however, it also means that everyone’s information is up for takes and monitoring. It is pretty easy to monitor people’s activities on public Wi-Fi, which can be dangerous because if people can track your internet use, they can easily have access to valuable and sensitive information on your device, which can lead to further complications.

If you do want to make use of free public Wi-Fi then using a good VPN can be the right way to go about it. A VPN will help you cover your IP address and allow you to cover your steps as you use the internet. You might think that this seems excessive, but it is very easy to track someone’s internet use history on public Wi-Fi, and that means it becomes a lot easier for people to gain access to important information, passwords, and other sensitive information. A VPN allows you to reduce that likelihood, keeping you protected and ultimately allowing you to have a good and safe experience using public Wi-Fi, so if you have not already, you need to invest in a good VPN for both your phone and your laptop.