Jessica Keala

Weatherproof Headlamps

When you are outdoors, camping and it starts pouring down, we typically simply retreat to our tent and stay put until the weather becomes calm and its safe to be out again. However, there are scenarious in which you could simply be out on a trail, exploring the wilderness by yourself, or perhaps helping out someone in distress, so what if it starts raining right then and there? You need to ensure that your headlamp is capable enough to withstand the weather condition and still perform to the best of its ability.

The headlamp waterproofness capability is certified by IPX. To ensure that the specific camping headlamp unit you own or interested in purchasing has the correct IPX rating, you could do some research online and this would give you a clear understanding. On the IPX website, you can locate a point by point table of data about what every one of the IPX evaluations implies.

Rain is simply one of the scenarios, while outdoors you could face multiple different situations and scenarios in which a weatherproof headlamp would not only be necessary but could also prove to be a true blessing in disguise.  While you may think that a cheap 30-40 lumen headlamp is good enough for many scenarios, it is possible that you may need to use a wider beam or more longer beam to see ahead in gloomy, misty or rainy conditions. Always remember, when it comes to the outdoors, you could never be prepared enough. So it is always best to invest in an headlamp that is versatile, has good IPX rating, is popular among other customers and offers a good set of features. The most important of which is the comfort! You cannot ignore the fact that this piece of equipment would be in most cases on your ‘head’ and therefore, you would need it to be lightweight, adjustable and not to difficult to operate one handedly.