Jessica Keala

What is Email Phishing?

There are lots of different ways in which your computer might end up getting infected with viruses or other kinds of malware. One technique that you have probably heard about is email phishing. Lots of people have been email phished over the history of the internet, and this often leads to some pretty stressful situations for whoever it happens to. In spite of this, you might still not quite understand what phishing actually is until and unless it happens to you, and since waiting for it to happen is not a good option because prevention is much better than the cure, you should find as much information as you can about this practice and how it could potentially end up affecting you in the long run.

The way email phishing works is that you would get some kind of an email that would contain a link. The body of the email would contain some kind of text that would be designed to make you want to click on the link. While many phishing attempts are not that great and can be easily seen to be scams, some of them are a lot more insidious. For example, just this year a lot of people got emails that were ostensibly from Netflix, claiming that they needed to update their payment details for which they needed to log in.

When they log in, their details are stolen by the sender of the email who then gains access to the account the details belong to. The truly dangerous thing is that a lot of people often use the same log in details for multiple accounts which means that if one account’s details get stolen, all of them could potentially be compromised.