Jessica Keala

Why Vastu Architecture is So Good For Health

Improving your health is usually the sort of thing that you would do through exercise and dietary management, but with all things having been considered and taken into account there are a few other things that you could try out as well and while this might surprise you to a pretty large extent it is important to note that the kind of architecture that you implement in your home can have an impact on your health as well though you might not initially realize that something like this is currently happening.

Vastu architecture is something that you should look into, and it has the potential to greatly improve the overall health that you can rely on every single day. By building a pooja room vastu = 54, 6th page you can make it so that your house would have plenty of natural light as well as ventilation. Being overweight is not the only aspect of bad health that you should pay attention to. The air you breathe should be clean and fresh, and sitting in an air conditioned room all day would not be conducive to the kind of healthy lungs that would help you live the best life possible.

Sitting in artificial light all day can also really do a number on you. First and foremost it might cause some kind of a vitamin D deficiency, and on top of all of that it could ruin your body’s natural sleep cycle and circadian rhythms as well since artificial light does not naturally diminish over the course of the day and it can be kept on well past the natural limit after which sunlight would always disappear leaving your body to sleep peacefully.