Jessica Keala

Why You Shouldn’t Accept a Seller’s Home Inspection

One thing that a lot of sellers tend to do is that they try to do whatever they can in order to stop you from getting any kind of a home inspection done. They might tell you that the inspection has already been performed, or suggest that it’s not required due to the quality of the home or alternatively they might tell you that they know someone who can come and do the home inspection and that hiring them is easier since you wouldn’t have to go out and find someone all on your own in this regard.

Suffice it to say that you should never accept any of these offers. If a seller tells you that they know someone who can come over and inspect the house, this is not something that you can trust with absolute certainty unless you go here and see if they are truly as good as you are being told. Always hire someone on your own, someone that you have vetted and that you have absolute confidence in at the end of the day. A seller has an incentive to try and get a bad home inspection done since this would prevent you from finding out about any flaws that might exist in the house that they are trying to sell.

Accepting a home inspection from the seller would be one of the worst mistakes that you might ever make. Soon after you buy the house you would notice that there are so many issues that exist inside of it that finding a truly amazing quality of life here is going to absolutely impossible and you will regret this decision for the rest of your life.